Russia Demands Google Stop Posting Protests on YouTube

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Russia Demands Google Remove YouTube Video Protests

The protesters in Moscow have been growing by the numbers and Russia has threatened to take action against Google if these demonstrations are continually broadcast on YouTube. The media watchdog in Russia known as Roskomnadzor, wrote a letter to Google just two days ago, stating that they considered push notifications and advertisements that publicize the protests as a type of … Read More

FTC Requires Equifax to Pay Victims for Data Breach

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FTC Makes Equifax Pay Data Breach Victims

In theory, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) protects citizens in the United States. In reality, however, it seems to favor the companies that it’s supposed to regulate. In a major scandal tied to Equifax, 147 million Americans had personal data stolen. The organization ultimately leaked birth dates, names, phone numbers, addresses, and social security numbers for thousands of people nationwide. … Read More

Cyber Police Dogs Aid in Catching Cryptocurrency Crooks

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device detection dogs find link to cryptocurrency crime

Yet another phishing attempt has made the news after six scammers were able to steal $28 million worth of bitcoin cryptocurrency. While the suspects were caught, thanks in part to digital storage detection dogs, cryptocurrency schemes continue to be a problem in the world of online coinage. How the Scammers Tricked Blockchain Users The six people who committed fraud created … Read More

Google Launches Online Media Literacy Courses for Youth

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google media literacy course

In a world where there are cyber threats around every corner and people are bullied online, there is a bright spot for a new generation of online users. Google has added to its existing online digital safety course with a new media literacy unit aimed at children. The new course helps kids to verify credible information, avoid phishing, and be … Read More

The Use of Cyber Attacks in Warfare is Growing

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cyber warfare grows in use between countries

The idea of warfare usually brings to mind soldiers, physical weapons, and negotiations through monitored phone calls. The digital revolution has affected every aspect of our lives but has also become a part of a country’s defense plan when in conflict with other nations. The term cyber warfare is defined as using digital attacks to disrupt a computer system of … Read More