Fast Food Giant McDonald’s Suffers Data Breach

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One of the largest and most famous fast food chains in the world fell victim to a data breach recently. Hackers attacked McDonald’s and stole data from systems in multiple markets. The massive restaurant chain revealed that the markets involved in the attack include South Korea, Taiwan, and the United States. Though three countries had been confirmed as being breached, … Read More

Cybersecurity in the Age of Remote Work

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When the COVID-19 pandemic sparked stay-at-home orders across the country, employers had to reconfigure how many workers did their jobs. Similarly, IT administrators had to adopt new strategies that could support remote work while maintaining the required level of security to keep business and customer data safe in expanded and off-site workspaces. These were temporary measures in response to an … Read More

Paying Ransomware Demands Rarely Pays Off

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Cybersecurity experts and law enforcement agencies have consistently warned against paying ransomware attackers to restore access to encrypted files. In its guidelines on ransomware, the FBI discourages paying a ransom primarily for two reasons: payment doesn’t guarantee that you’ll get your data back, and it encourages more attacks by offering greater incentives for criminal behavior. Recent data shows there’s a … Read More

Financial Targets See Escalating Cyber Attacks

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As the world grappled with its response to the global COVID pandemic over the last 14 months, cyber criminals looked for new opportunities to turn the chaos and uncertainty to their advantage. Attacks on healthcare providers and government agencies escalated. IT admins struggled to implement new security protocols as greater numbers of employees began working from home. As COVID-19 threatened … Read More

World IP Day Showcases Small Business

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In his proclamation marking World Intellectual Property Day, President Joe Biden praised the “innovators and creators who enrich our lives and create the products, services, companies, and industries of tomorrow.” This year’s commemoration shines a spotlight on the outsized role small businesses play in the economic growth of the country “and the ways intellectual property can help support their continued … Read More