Using Artificial Intelligence in the Retail Industry

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pepper AI robot in retail

The retail industry has ultimately been focused on customer interaction and consumer experience. While the face to face aspect has somewhat diminished over the years, developing technology such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) makes the shopping experience a much smoother operation. Evolving from Mom and Pop Shops Retail stores, whether they were convenient marts or department stores began by offering goods … Read More

Using Artificial Intelligence in the Healthcare Industry

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artificial intelligence healthcare

The medical industry is using more and more technology to perform everything from administrative tasks to the development of possible 3D printed organs. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is working its way into the healthcare industry to provide smoother processes for patient care and diagnoses alike. While many applaud the progress, others are still wary of the plausibility of the success of … Read More

Using Artificial Intelligence Technology in Agriculture

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AI agriculture easy process

Farming has evolved from a simple approach of planting, growing, and harvesting food to a true business model that requires new technologies. Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology is usually a type of machine or computer system that can perform human tasks. These capabilities include speech recognition, visual perception, and decision-making. While some of these features are already being used in devices … Read More