Hackers target COVID-19 Vaccine Supply Chain

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It’s been a tough year for cybersecurity in the health sector. Healthcare providers both big and small have been hit by ransomware attacks in 2020. As the United States and the United Kingdom ramp up distribution of COVID-19 vaccinations, some fear the new year will bring renewed cyberattacks that target vaccine supply chains. A new report by the BBC notes … Read More

GoDaddy Phishes Staff with Holiday Bonus Email

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Some might say it was a case of poor timing. Others might call it a lesson in tough love despite the seeming cruelty. But one thing is clear. The near-ubiquitous warnings about the dangers of email “phishing” scams don’t always sink in. Such was the case this month when the Arizona-based internet domain company GoDaddy reached out to their employees … Read More

Credential Stuffing Attacks Are On the Rise

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One of the most common pieces of advice about online security is to change your passwords on a regular basis. As it turns out, this common sense approach is more important than ever. Federal agencies and cybersecurity experts have all issued recent warnings about an escalation in so-called credential stuffing attacks. Last week, VPNMentor issued an incident report about the … Read More

Ransomware Expected to Rise as Schools Resume Classes

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School Malware

With school back in session, many institutions are implementing a hybrid learning environment where students can learn in-person in the classroom as well as from a computer remotely. Unfortunately, this new method of education puts schools at higher risk for ransomware attacks according to cybersecurity experts. A multitude of factors put schools at an increased risk including a lack of … Read More