Privacy Issues with New COVID-19 Screening Program

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Project Baseline Google Account COVID-19

To contain the outbreak of COVID-19 and to help people discover if they may be qualified for testing, the company Verily decided to expand their “Project Baseline” research initiative to include COVID-19. While this initiative was created with the intent to facilitate screening and testing for the virus, there are some underlying problems that can violate people’s privacy. The platform … Read More

Surges in Internet Use Due to COVID-19 Cause Concerns

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Internet Bandwidth COVID-19

With many businesses and public places temporarily closed due to COVID-19, people turn to their home internet connection for the latest news and sources of entertainment. However, this increase in internet usage may put a strain on bandwidth capabilities around the globe. While experts and IT professionals claim that the internet was designed for these high traffic levels, big name … Read More

Google and Oracle Battle in Court Over Copyright Law

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Google Oracle Court Case

Creating software code from scratch can later become the basis of advanced developments for devices and operating systems. Developers with innovation in mind can take existing software and alter it to build new programs. In the case of Google vs. Oracle, the latter claims that Google has used Oracle’s copyrighted programming code in an Android operating system. Oracle sued Google … Read More

Cybersecurity and the Internet of Things

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Internet of Things IoT Cybersecurity Risks Threats

The time we live in today is internet connected, but it wasn’t always that way. This side of twenty-five years ago, it was expensive, rare, and difficult to be connected to the internet. You were considered fortunate to have a wired, desktop computer that ate up your phone line and took eight minutes to connect. If you were very lucky, … Read More

Biometric Data Breach Exposes 28 Million Records

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Suprema Biometric Record Data Breach

A BioStar 2 biometric security database that belongs to global biometric and security provider, Suprema, suffered a data breach exposing 28 million records. A company called vpnMentor, who provides virtual private network reviews, found the data leak on August 5, notified Suprema two days later, and Suprema closed the leak on August 13. What Was Exposed? The BioStar 2 database … Read More