CES 2020: Recap of Day 1

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CES 2020 Day 1

The CES 2020 show has officially begun! Over 170,000 people are attending conferences and viewing the latest innovations on the show floor. People are taking notice as several media events have taken place throughout the day among the breakout sessions.

The latest technological developments that are exhibited offer both convenience and luxury. Some of these innovations include:

  • Yummly Smart Thermometer–uses dual temperature sensors to monitor food and oven temperatures. Users can track their food cooking through their smartphone.
  • Sure Petcare Microchip Pet Feeder Connect–this technology lets pet owners know when their pet is eating and how much.
  • Catalyst–Waterproof case for Apple watches
  • HairMax PowerFlex Cap–delivers laser lights to hair follicles from within a baseball-style cap. This is meant to restore hair’s natural growth cycle; increasing the amount of hair.

While the types of technology exhibited are diverse, one common theme among this year’s technology is smart camera technology. Recent news articles about Ring Doorbells and Nest cameras may have been the kick that companies needed to create higher quality smart home technology.

The Simcam AI Camera is a home security camera that has facial recognition. With 99.4% accuracy, the device is meant to notify a homeowner of who is at the door and alert them if it is an unknown person. It also tracks objects like a car and will notify you when these objects are being touched or moved.

Blue by ADT has also launched a line of DIY smart home security cameras, a video doorbell, indoor camera, and outdoor camera. All three can recognize faces and present notifications to your phone when they recognize something in view. The notifications come with a video clip so a user can tell if it’s a true emergency.

On the videographer side, the HumanEyes Vuze XR Camera captures 360 degrees and records 3D videos. It also provides a 60 frames per second 2D camera for high-resolution videos.

Technology is a visual innovation in every regard and it is no surprise that people are flocking to the technologies that allow them to view the world around them both for protection and entertainment purposes.

Secure Data is exhibiting their latest data security solution, the SecureDrive Duo. To avoid losing your data to those with prying eyes, this device offers several layers of security. The drive has both PIN authentication and wireless authentication through a secure app on a mobile phone. Come visit us at Booth 43067 and stay tuned for our next update from CES 2020.