Data Security Concerns Abound from the Federal to Local Level

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Data Security Concerns Local and Federal Level

While data security has been an issue since the early days of the Internet of Things devices, it has only been aggravated by the recent pandemic and federal decisions regarding data privacy. Schools are at a higher risk for data security incidents during the pandemic, IT professionals worry about the security of their corporation’s data more than their one home, and the US Senate voted down a bill that could have enacted more privacy laws. It is difficult to find a solution amidst the chaos of security concerns, but there are available resources to combat data breaches and other digital threats.

IT Professionals are Worried with Good Cause

In the Oracle and KPMG Cloud Threat Report 2020, a group of 750 cybersecurity and IT professionals were surveyed about data security. The study found that those surveyed are three times more concerned with their companies’ financial and intellectual property than the security of their own home. Overall, 92% said they did not trust that their organizations were prepared to secure a public cloud service.

This is not a surprise as many businesses already have doubts about the cloud service due to the risk of unauthorized access as the cloud is available on multiple devices. The multitude of connected devices and the array of security products is another point of concern for IT managers in the survey. 78% of organizations used over 50 separate cybersecurity products and 37% used over 100 products. This leads to an increased chance for data loss because the number of devices cannot all be properly configured to operate at their full potential.

School Systems at Elevated Risks

The 2020 Data Risk report by Netwrix found that educational institutions are at higher risk during the work-from-home period caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Before these measures were taken, IT professionals claimed that employees in schools put their information at risk because they used sharing via Cloud without the IT department being made aware.

The report also found that 82% of educational organizations do not track data sharing and half of them suffered a data breach because of unauthorized sharing. Only 8% of those in the report have a cybersecurity and risk indicator to evaluate how secure their operations are. With all of the changes happening in response to the pandemic, data security is not at the forefront of operations, meaning sensitive data on students and their performance are at risk.

The CEO of Netwrix stated that educational institutions need to ensure data is stored correctly and prioritize the most sensitive information. They also need to be wary of who they grant permissions to when sharing data.

US Senate Votes Down Privacy Legislation

National data privacy laws have been a hot topic for years and still, states must create their own regulations as far as data collection and usage. The United States Senate voted against a change to the Patriot Act, including Section 215, which came about as a way for the government to obtain an undisclosed court order that requires third parties to surrender any records or tangible evidence if something is deemed relevant to international terrorism.

The vote fell short 59 to 37 while a total of 60 votes in favor were required for the change to pass. The alteration to the Patriot Act would have forbidden the government from collecting your browsing history through Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Acts, and would instead need a warrant. Government entities debating over online data collection is a constant battle and other areas of concern like freedom of speech within Section 230 of the Communications Act is another relevant topic, especially as candidates look to cover these issues in the 2020 election.

Data Security Should Be the Priority

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