Google Adds Nest to Group of Advanced Protection Devices

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Google Nest Advanced Protection

After a slew of hacking attempts on the Nest home security system, consumers demanded that Google increase security. In response, the tech giant has included the Nest system in its Advanced Protection Program. This gives Nest the same level of protection as other Google-related services like Gmail, Chrome, and Android phones.

What Is Advanced Protection?

Google’s Advanced Protection program was created to safeguard personal Google accounts of those at high risk for cyberattacks like journalists, activists, political campaigners, and business leaders. Some of the extra features include:

  • Users must enter a physical security key in addition to a password sign in
  • Only Google apps and select third-party apps can access emails and Drive files
  • You can only install apps from Play Store or another app store that your phone manufacturer installed on your device
  • Extra identity verification steps during an account recovery process

Anyone can enroll in Advanced Protection with two physical security keys or a phone that runs Android 7+ or iOS 10.0+. This new level of protection goes beyond the original two-factor authentication that Google added to beef up Nest security. However, if a user shares their Nest “home” with another person who may not have Advanced Protection. A home member can:

  • Add new devices to the home
  • Add or remove other home members
  • Access devices, media services, addresses, and activity

The Level of Security Consumers Deserve

Before this recent transition, users could only use their Google account for Advanced Protection or their Nest device; now they can utilize their account for both. While this is a step in the right direction for Internet of Things (IoT) devices, it begs the question: why doesn’t Google provide this level of protection for all of its devices by default?

All consumers should be given the same data privacy as journalists, activists, and other important figures for whom the protection was designed. Without national data privacy laws in place in the United States, it is up to the tech companies and media providers to protect the people from being exposed or hacked.

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