iPhone Users in the EU Unable to Use British Residency App

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Britain Residency App Only Available on Android

With Brexit a mere two months away from being put into action, the European Union (EU) Nationals are trying to find an Android device to stay in Britain. A government-created app was designed for EU Nationals to apply for residency within Britain. The problem with this development is that it is only available on Android devices.

Breaking Down Brexit Living

Brexit is a nickname for Britain leaving the European Union. The Union has 28 European countries and Britain would be the first member state to withdraw. A public vote in the United Kingdom (UK) resulted in a majority wanting to leave the EU. One of the draws for people to be a part of the Union is the freedom of members to move freely and trade in whichever country they choose within the Union.

The 3.6 million Nationals who are currently residing in the UK and want to stay there must apply for “settled status” through the EU Settlement Scheme. This application guarantees that you can continue to live in Britain after June 30, 2021.

Limited Application Process

Those who apply must scan personal documents as proof of identity. When residents visit the online application site at gov.uk, there are only three options for checking documents:

  • Use the Home Office’s EU Exit Android App
  • By entering document details, posting an identity document at the end of the application and uploading a digital photo on the site (only if you are not outside of the UK).
  • Scanning identity documents at a scanning location

Many are upset that there is no app for iOS devices to complete the process. The application suggests that if an applicant doesn’t have the proper device, then they should borrow an Android device from a family member or friend to scan their documents.

The Home Office, which is the branch of government responsible for immigration and residency, stated that it is working on creating an iPhone app that will be launched later this year. The deadline to apply for “settled status” is December 31, but the EU Nationals state there will be no more freedom of movement for EU Nationals if Brexit takes place without a binding withdrawal agreement, which is planned for October 31.

Security of Scanning

When scanning documents with personal information or uploading photos to a website or mobile app, it is important to make sure your information is being used properly and is not sold to third parties. The Home Office promises that personal information will be used for:

  • Criminality and security checks
  • Checking National Insurance numbers with the Department for Work and Pensions and HM Revenue and Customs
  • Sharing information with organizations related to the application to check for fraud

In the case of using someone else’s Android device to apply, having your personal information on a device other than your own can be a risky move. Storing personal data even on your device may be of concern if an app on your phone stores your data elsewhere.

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