Security of Smartwatches with Health and Fitness Tracking

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Apple Watch and Fitbit Security

The Apple Watch and Fitbit wearables have taken the place of the traditional Rolex. People are now checking their wrist to read emails, text messages, and in some cases answer calls. Apple has been granted patents for its watches that include the integration of biometric sensors in the wristband. Advances in the Name of Health and Privacy One of Apple’s … Read More

YouTube Creates Profile Cards to Track Comment History

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YouTube Creates Profile Cards for Commenters

Under YouTube’s current format, clicking on a commenter’s name will take a user to the commenter’s YouTube channel page. However, a new feature added to the media content site could well transform that. Introducing the profile card As YouTube currently revealed on its “Creator Insider” channel where it shares its latest innovations, it will soon be possible to see “profile … Read More

Need for Cybersecurity Workers Grows While Threats Increase

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Cyber Threat Increase for Security Professionals

Cybersecurity has become a household term in the 21st century. The Bureau of Labor Statistics expects a 28% employment growth in information security analysis from 2016 to 2026. These security professionals have several responsibilities, but with the increase in digital threats, it is difficult for employees to keep up. What Does a Cybersecurity Professional Do? At its core, a cybersecurity … Read More

YouTube Removes Content and Channels for Using Hate Speech

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YouTube Removes Harmful Content

After changing community guidelines to ban videos that promote violence and discrimination, YouTube has removed over 100,000 videos and 17,000 channels in just the second quarter of 2019. This is five times higher than last quarter and also includes the removal of over 500 million comments. Silencing the Haters After many complaints of discrimination and violence, YouTube created rules that … Read More

iPhone Users in the EU Unable to Use British Residency App

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Britain Residency App Only Available on Android

With Brexit a mere two months away from being put into action, the European Union (EU) Nationals are trying to find an Android device to stay in Britain. A government-created app was designed for EU Nationals to apply for residency within Britain. The problem with this development is that it is only available on Android devices. Breaking Down Brexit Living … Read More