What You Need to Know About Flash Memory Summit 2019

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Flash memory Summit Guide 2019

The Flash Memory Summit is an annual conference that showcases vendors and technological innovations in the non-volatile memory and SSD markets. It allows industry professionals to interact with business leaders in the flash memory sector and see the latest developments for flash storage. This year’s conference runs from August 6-8 at the Santa Clara Convention Center in Santa Clara, California. … Read More

YouTubers Union Joins with IG Metall to Demand Fairness

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YouTubers Union Partners with IG Metall

A dedicated group of content creators and users has decided that enough is enough on the popular video platform, YouTube. This group of activists, known as the YouTubers Union, was established over a year ago but had not gained much traction or attention about their demands. Until now. The group has joined with union IG Metall to make their demands … Read More

AI and Machine Learning to Double in Coming Year

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Business Use of Artificial Intelligence to Increase

Artificial intelligence is poised to be the next big thing in tech as companies plan to double their spending in the coming year. According to a recent survey by Gartner’s, 59% of the companies surveyed say they already have AI programs in place, an average of four each. In the coming year, these same organizations said they plan to put … Read More

White House Hosts Social Media Summit

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companies GDPR scrutiny ad tech

The social media summit in Washington, DC was created to discuss social media bias. What was surprising was that neither Twitter nor Facebook representatives were invited to the summit. The meeting with US President Donald Trump and attendees from a variety of disciplines took place on Thursday. What Happened at the Summit? A White House spokesperson explained that earlier in … Read More

Cyber Police Dogs Aid in Catching Cryptocurrency Crooks

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device detection dogs find link to cryptocurrency crime

Yet another phishing attempt has made the news after six scammers were able to steal $28 million worth of bitcoin cryptocurrency. While the suspects were caught, thanks in part to digital storage detection dogs, cryptocurrency schemes continue to be a problem in the world of online coinage. How the Scammers Tricked Blockchain Users The six people who committed fraud created … Read More