Google Adds Nest to Group of Advanced Protection Devices

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Google Nest Advanced Protection

After a slew of hacking attempts on the Nest home security system, consumers demanded that Google increase security. In response, the tech giant has included the Nest system in its Advanced Protection Program. This gives Nest the same level of protection as other Google-related services like Gmail, Chrome, and Android phones. What Is Advanced Protection? Google’s Advanced Protection program was … Read More

Drone Use Increases During Pandemic But May Come at a Cost

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Drone Delivery Security Issues

Many companies both restaurants and commercial retailers have implemented no contact delivery in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, some have decided to take it one step further and have been using drones to make deliveries to homes and in some cases, to hospitals. The drones do offer the least amount of contact by simply dropping the package at the … Read More

Data Security Concerns Abound from the Federal to Local Level

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Data Security Concerns Local and Federal Level

While data security has been an issue since the early days of the Internet of Things devices, it has only been aggravated by the recent pandemic and federal decisions regarding data privacy. Schools are at a higher risk for data security incidents during the pandemic, IT professionals worry about the security of their corporation’s data more than their one home, … Read More

Privacy Concerns Over COVID-tracing Tech for Re-Opening Businesses

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Business COVID-19 Tech Privacy

Businesses throughout the country are beginning to slowly re-open and employees are returning to their offices. While the everyday tasks will be returning to “business as usual,” the precautions that employees must now take are anything but normal. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many companies are adopting new technology to check an employee’s health and prevent co-workers from getting too … Read More

Privacy Concerns Abound Worldwide Over Contact Tracing

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Contact Tracing App Privacy Concerns

With governments worldwide beginning to slowly lift some of the COVID-19 lockdown regulations, the question remains as to how people can begin living their normal lives again. Several companies and governments have developed their own version of a contact tracing app, which uses Bluetooth connectivity to notify people when they are in close proximity with someone who tested positive for … Read More