Is America’s Data Safe from Attack?

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A new Senate staff report on the state of federal cybersecurity presents some uncomfortable truths about the state of data security among federal agencies. The report, issued by the Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs and titled Federal Cybersecurity: America’s Data Still at Risk, is a follow-up to an earlier sub-committee report from 2019 that found substantial weaknesses in … Read More

Biden, Big Tech Pose New Cybersecurity Plans

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Data breaches, cyberattacks, ransomware, and other incidents that compromise digital data security are seemingly becoming routine news items; so much so, in fact, that the public may even become numb to them as many go unreported. At least, many don’t make the news on a national scale. Large, consequential, destructive, and/or expensive breaches are virtually the only ones that get … Read More

Real Estate Needs a Better Data Security Plan

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The retail and commercial real estate sectors generate trillions of dollars in market value each year and account for hundreds of thousands of jobs. But despite its considerable assets and impact on the global economy, the industry gets far less attention as a potential target for cyber criminals or in discussions about enhanced data security practices than others do. Real … Read More

Cancer Patient Sues over Ransomware Attack

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The risks to organizations from a ransomware attack generally focus on familiar issues. Successful attacks can cripple an organization’s ability to function. They can lead to the loss of intellectual property and lower profits because of downtime. They can even affect business reputations. Recent developments in Ireland suggest that costly court battles might have to be added to this list. … Read More

Microsoft Warns of Evolving LemonDuck Threat

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Cryptocurrency has become an increasingly pervasive topic in recent years, as much for the volatility of its market value as for its connection to organized cybercrime. It is the currency of choice for ransomware attackers, so much so that some countries, particularly China, have taken steps to curb or ban the use of cryptocurrency. Others, such as the European Union, … Read More