European Union Countries Demand GDPR Action Against Ad Techs

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companies GDPR scrutiny ad tech

You have most likely been subject to what is considered the largest leak of personal data thus far, and you don’t even know it’s happening. Several countries in the European Union have launched complaints against ad tech companies for the way they collect personal information to target online ads. Consumers are demanding that the process for advertising be more highly … Read More

Google and Chipmakers Join in U.S. Ban Against Huawei

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u.s. banned trade Huawei

An Executive Order against foreign communications technology services left Chinese company, Huawei, cut off from the United States. After President Trump signed the Order, Google and chipmakers like Intel and Qualcomm joined in the fight against suspected malicious acts. Though the Order was signed less than a week ago, the ban has already softened to save the stock market. Government … Read More

Supreme Court Allows Lawsuit Against Apple App Store

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court consumer apple antitrust

Earlier this week, Apple took a blow to its operations that could eventually lead to serious issues with its profitability. A class-action lawsuit against the company stated that the App store was an unlawful monopoly. Basics of the Lawsuit The lawsuit was enacted by four iPhone users who believe that Apple was breaking antitrust laws. These laws were passed by … Read More

AI: Stealing Human Jobs or Creating More Positions?

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AI benefits negatives debate

As with most emerging technology, there are two sides that cover its benefits as well as its potential downfalls. A recent report from the MIT Technology Review found that Artificial Intelligence (AI) will eliminate 1 in every 8 jobs in Asia in the next five years. The technology was created to improve efficiencies and customer satisfaction but also leaves human … Read More

Using Artificial Intelligence in the Retail Industry

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pepper AI robot in retail

The retail industry has ultimately been focused on customer interaction and consumer experience. While the face to face aspect has somewhat diminished over the years, developing technology such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) makes the shopping experience a much smoother operation. Evolving from Mom and Pop Shops Retail stores, whether they were convenient marts or department stores began by offering goods … Read More