Privacy Issues with New COVID-19 Screening Program

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Project Baseline Google Account COVID-19

To contain the outbreak of COVID-19 and to help people discover if they may be qualified for testing, the company Verily decided to expand their “Project Baseline” research initiative to include COVID-19. While this initiative was created with the intent to facilitate screening and testing for the virus, there are some underlying problems that can violate people’s privacy. The platform … Read More

Tips for Video Interviewing During the COVID-19 Pandemic

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Video Interview Tips Security

People worldwide are encouraged to stay at home to stop the spread of Coronavirus, and many companies are temporarily closed. However, there are several essential businesses that are still operating and companies that are closed may be holding job interviews to fill positions that will be needed when the virus has passed. While video interviews have been a popular medium … Read More

World Health Organization and MIT Host “Hackathons” to Produce COVID-19 Solutions

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Hackathon for Digital Solution to COVID-19

The concept of “Hackathons” came about as a way to combat social issues, cybersecurity vulnerabilities, and other issues that could benefit from a digital solution. These types of solutions have found the security flaws in automated cars and mobile phones, but this recent project goes beyond consumer products. The World Health Organization (WHO) and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) … Read More

Top Sites to find Remote IT Work During the COVID-19 Pandemic

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Remote IT and Technology Jobs

The COVID-19 pandemic has left many people without work due to the shutdown of restaurants, limiting personnel in public work buildings, and businesses temporarily laying people off after a loss in revenue. During this time, only businesses that are deemed “essential” by federal and state governments can continue to operate. This means that many workers are completing their daily tasks … Read More

Surges in Internet Use Due to COVID-19 Cause Concerns

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Internet Bandwidth COVID-19

With many businesses and public places temporarily closed due to COVID-19, people turn to their home internet connection for the latest news and sources of entertainment. However, this increase in internet usage may put a strain on bandwidth capabilities around the globe. While experts and IT professionals claim that the internet was designed for these high traffic levels, big name … Read More