How to Secure Your Devices at Home and at Work

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National Cybersecurity Awareness Month Secure Devices at Home and Work

National Cybersecurity Awareness month continues with this week’s theme of “Securing Devices at Work and Home.” While many people are now working from home due to the pandemic and a rise in cybercrime, protecting devices is more crucial now than ever. But securing your devices requires more than just keeping them away from water or implementing encryption. We have compiled … Read More

NIST Updates Privacy Guidelines for First Time in 7 Years

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NIST Security Privacy Guideline Update

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has released an update on Special Publication 800-53 Revision 5, which is the Security and Privacy Controls for Information Systems and Organizations. The document itself stated, “This publication provides a catalog of security and privacy controls for information systems and organizations to protect organizational operations and assets, individuals, other organizations, and the … Read More

Evidence of AdTech Data Breach Comes to Light in Ireland

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Online Ad Tech Data Breach

The Irish Council for Civil Liberties (ICCL) has published evidence of online advertisers profiling internet user’s personal characteristics without consent. This new evidence follows a previous complaint with the Ireland Data Protection Commission that claimed personal data was being exploited through Real-Time Bidding (RTB). Many of these types of complaints were filed with regulators in the European Union (EU) without … Read More

HR Not Worried About Tech Safety as Businesses Reopen

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Cybersecurity Return to Office

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused more than 60% of employees to begin working from home. While the pandemic is far from over, many Americans have adopted health and safety protocols into their daily life, resulting in many businesses re-opening and employees returning to an office environment. However, the technology in the physical workplace much like our everyday interactions with other … Read More