Australia Bans Internet Domains that Show Terrorist Content

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Australia Blocks Websites with Violent Content

Following the horrific Christchurch massacre in New Zealand in March, Australia and New Zealand decided to more closely monitor websites and social media. During the attack, the alleged gunman live streamed the tragic event on Facebook. This is not the first time that violent acts have been publicized over the internet. Police violence has been captured on body cameras and … Read More

Facebook Creates Technology to Read Minds

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Facebook Creates Brain to Speech Technology

Technology seems to know everything about us from our web browsing habits to products we commonly purchase, and even the number of steps we take each day. Facebook has created a technology that now goes inside of our brains themselves. The tech giant has created an interface that translates brain signals into audible words. The Creation of the Latest Technology … Read More

Twitter Censorship in China Leads to Misinformation

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Chinese Tweets Show Peaceful Protests as Violent

Recently, 1.7 million people gathered in Hong Kong to protest unfair and unjust government policies. A lot of these protests come on the heels of trade laws such as those with Huawei, which is forcing the Chinese government to make some serious economic changes. Citizens are feeling these changes in negative ways, which has been leading to public outcry. Limited … Read More

Biometric Data Breach Exposes 28 Million Records

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Suprema Biometric Record Data Breach

A BioStar 2 biometric security database that belongs to global biometric and security provider, Suprema, suffered a data breach exposing 28 million records. A company called vpnMentor, who provides virtual private network reviews, found the data leak on August 5, notified Suprema two days later, and Suprema closed the leak on August 13. What Was Exposed? The BioStar 2 database … Read More

Data Cleansing vs. Data Enrichment in the Business World

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Data Usage in the Business World

The role of data in today’s business model is becoming more prominent than ever before. Businesses must use email campaigns, social media, online marketing and more to succeed. There are two types of practices that are most commonly used today: data cleansing and data enrichment. Before discussing the distinction between the two–which are separate but related issues–it is first necessary … Read More