The Need for Cyber Insurance Increases as Cyber Risks Grow

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Cyber Insurance Industry Wide

Cyber insurance, or “cyber liability insurance,” covers your business from unexpected attacks such as data breaches and other cybercrimes. This insurance can be purchased by individuals and businesses. It essentially protects users from web-based risks and risks surrounding information technology and its associated activities. Do you need cyber liability? Evidence shows that data security is increasingly important for companies and … Read More

Cybersecurity and the Internet of Things

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Internet of Things IoT Cybersecurity Risks Threats

The time we live in today is internet connected, but it wasn’t always that way. This side of twenty-five years ago, it was expensive, rare, and difficult to be connected to the internet. You were considered fortunate to have a wired, desktop computer that ate up your phone line and took eight minutes to connect. If you were very lucky, … Read More

Number of Cybersecurity Workers Decreases Due to Job Stress

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Cybersecurity Workers Decrease Due to Job Stress

With the constant evolution and boom in technology, you would think people would jump at the chance to be involved. Statistics show that not only are people with cybersecurity skills lacking, but the ones that are in the industry are cracking under the pressure. The Realities of Cybersecurity Burnout found stated that 65% of IT professionals consider quitting due … Read More

Bots: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

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Bots Good Bad Ugly Social Media Influence

As technology advances over time, so do we. People have utilized technology as a way to learn, research, communicate and make decisions. This makes sending and receiving information easier than ever and instant to our eyes and ears. The problem is that when technology is our biggest outlet for the “truth,” it also becomes an outlet for falsehoods and exaggerations. … Read More

Tips for Keeping Your Smart Home Protected

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Smart Home Cybersecurity Protect Data Recovery

From security cameras to trash cans, our homes are becoming more and more automated with smart home devices. The ability to automate tasks like seeing who is at your front door or generating grocery lists from the items you’ve thrown away allows you to complete tasks or check on your home remotely. With all the latest advancements in smart home … Read More