US Secret Service Attacks Cyber Fraud with New Task Force

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Secret Service Cyber Fraud Task Force

The United States Secret Service has decided to take a proactive approach to combating the latest threat to national security: cybercrime. According to a report from Microsoft, attack volumes spiked to almost one million a day during the first week of March. While the number of attacks has decreased since the initial outbreak of the COVID-19 virus, specific sectors have … Read More

Threats of Cybercrime Affect Consumers on Large Scale

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Cybercrime Effects on Consumers

Ransomware, malware and fraud, three terms that no tech user wants to hear, especially when recent attacks have serious long-term consequences. For the first time in four years, a type of ransomware is specifically targeting Apple Mac computers and both infects a system and steals financial information from the device. A malware known as FakeSpy has been active for at … Read More