Tech Gifts for Someone Special in Your Life

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Gifts for the Tech Lover In Your Life

Whether you’re shopping for Valentine’s Day or “Galentine’s Day”, the tech-lover in your life will appreciate these unique and geeky gifts. Strengthen your bond with the ones you love with some of our favorite technology gifts this year.

  • 1. Polaroid OneStep 2 – This camera will remind you of the good old days with its sleek, retro design and instant printed photos. Designed with a built-in, 60-day rechargeable battery and a self-timer function, this camera outshines its 40-year-old predecessor, OneStep, with advanced new features and capabilities. Whether you want to capture that special moment or a selfie with your best friend on a special day, this camera is a great reminder that some things just get better over time.
  • 2. Bond Touch Bracelets – With a simplistic design, these bonding bracelets let you know when your special someone is thinking of you any time of day, anywhere in the world. When you send good vibes, the other band will light up in response. With customizable colored bands, a 4-day battery life, and a companion app, these bracelets accomplish one simple goal: letting the person you care about most feel your touch when you’re thinking about them.
  • 3. Stardew Valley – Available on PC and most other game systems on the market, this co-op multiplayer game will have you rolling in the hay in no time (well, virtual hay). The 2018 update to the game allows users to build and maintain a farm, homes, raise cattle, and even brew beer together. Updates also include the potential to get married in the game, if desired. Come up with special strategies and work together to progress in the seemingly endless game.
  • 4. USB Cufflinks – For the tech geek in your life, what could be a better, more fashionable gift than cufflinks that also hold data? Good for any occasion, these cufflinks offer 8GB of storage and add a flash of detail for date night. Make that special someone feel like a real-life secret agent with these stylish flash drive cufflinks.
  • 5. Leaf Wellness Tracker – This unique and beautiful wellness tracker is a stylish addition to any outfit with a versatile design. It is a step, distance, sleep, calories burned and stress tracker all rolled into one. The company Bellabeat prides itself on simplicity and believes that the smart devices that provide health notifications can actually create stress. That’s why they stand by their simple, yet effective health tracking jewelry. Available in a variety of styles, the Leaf contains an imbedded algorithm that calculates your resistance to stress and your progress in wellness over time.
  • 6. The Lovebox – Even though the majority of us have smartphones where we receive messages everyday, this creative gift puts love front and center without distractions. This WiFi-connected, wooden box can display messages from your special someone, your friends, and your family from anywhere in the world. Lovebox owners can share their secret code with those closest to them and can receive messages from an unlimited number of users via the app or the online webapp. This gift keeps the love going all year round!
  • 7. Audio Splitter Connector – With the plethora of portable speakers available on the market today, this gift not only reminds us of the good old days, but also allows couples or groups of friends to sit close and share an experience together. This splitter allows up to five sets of headphones to be connected simultaneously and is available in a variety of colors. Whether watching a good movie, out on a traveling adventure, or just listening to music on the couch (all without waking the neighbors), this is a perfect gift to share and be next to your favorite people.
  • 8. SecureUSB/SecureDrive – With storage capacities up to 8TB, this device can hold photos of you and your friends, videos from a tropical honeymoon, and a playlist of songs that take you back to the beginning of a friendship or the dating years of a relationship. The device offers extra levels of security including PIN entry or wireless authentication via mobile app. Its portable size and tough design make it the ideal addition on your romantic weekend or road trip with friends. Protect the memories you’ve made with your loved ones by giving the gift of security.

If you have any technology-related gifts you plan to give, let us know on Twitter @SecureData.