Twitter Censorship in China Leads to Misinformation

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Chinese Tweets Show Peaceful Protests as Violent

Recently, 1.7 million people gathered in Hong Kong to protest unfair and unjust government policies. A lot of these protests come on the heels of trade laws such as those with Huawei, which is forcing the Chinese government to make some serious economic changes. Citizens are feeling these changes in negative ways, which has been leading to public outcry.

Limited Freedoms in China

China has been placing limited freedoms on its citizens. For instance, internet usage has been severely regulated. Social media platforms such as Twitter are blocked in China, and the only way citizens can access these platforms is through VPNs. The reason for the government censorship of these platforms is to limit the flow of information. Twitter and other social media platforms allow people to openly communicate what is occurring where they live, so censorship keeps this open communication to a minimum.

Fighting Back Against Censorship

The Chinese people have been staging demonstration after demonstration against many of these government policies. Using VPNs, many Chinese citizens can see how much of the world lives. Similar incidents have been occurring in Russia, where demonstrations against poor government policies have been broadcast on YouTube. Both Chinese and Russian governments work to limit access to internet platforms and to keep citizens from posting information about civil unrest. Russia has threatened Google, intending to ban the platform In Russia altogether. Chinese officials have launched their own social media campaigns painting protesters as violent.

In China, protesters have been doing what they can to disseminate information to the rest of the world regarding the peaceful nature of the protests. If you look on Twitter, you’ll see a different story. China Xinhua News repeatedly posts Tweets claiming that protesters are becoming violent and uncivil. The government urges citizens to stop violence, to end the chaos, and to restore order in the city. Observers have gone on social media to note that they are not seeing violence, chaos, and disorder. It is beginning to appear as if China Xinhua News may be using the internet for their own interests.

This claim is backed by the fact that certain companies in China have been linked to data breaches and cybercrimes in other countries. The Chinese government could very well be involved, as there is information that some Chinese tech companies have been illegally collecting data and sending it to government servers.

Global Implications

China and other large powers are playing major roles in cyber threats nowadays. There’s no telling how far and wide corruption may reach, which is why it’s important to always stay secure, regardless of where you live. All of the devices we use daily must be secure, data must be backed up safely, and information must be protected. If your social media accounts are ever hacked, do you know who to call for an investigation? Do you have a trusted device for your sensitive files?

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