Wrapping Up CES 2020

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CES 2020 Wrap Up

The largest consumer electronics show in the world has come to a close until next year. Companies have showcased their latest products and technological services that benefit both the individual user and in some cases, society as a whole. Innovative products were given awards and thousands of people worldwide were able to network with fellow leaders in the field of technology. Here’s a recap of some of the most important things that you should know from the week.

Cutting-Edge Advancements

In addition to the developments in security cameras, many companies showcased autonomous vehicles and drones. These will affect not only personal users looking to drive hands-free or post videos from air, but can be used for government purposes and security organizations.

Dozens of products were CES 2020 Innovation Award Honorees including:

  • Lab-on-Skin by Xsenio–a wearable chip that senses electrolytes, hormones, and proteins from the sweat on your skin
  • Code Jumper by American Printing House for the Blind–a connection of physical pods that are different in size and color so children of all abilities can create stories, songs and jokes on the computer.
  • John Deere 8RX Tractor–a tractor that prepares the land, plants seeds, cares for plants as they grow, and gathers data for machine intelligence.
  • Smart Beat Advanced–video baby monitor that has breath detection and gathers clinical data about a baby to share with the baby’s doctor.

Controversy and Awe

Some of the shifts we are seeing in the technology field were apparent at the show. Health sensors are coming to consumers in all forms including watches, baby monitors, and blood pressure-sensing earbuds. Medical advancements that once sounded impossible have become realities as close as your local chain store.

Toyota also unveiled a prototype of a future community that is completely autonomous. This includes self-driving cars, robots, smart homes, and new personal forms of transportation. The first prototype will be built in Japan. While it may seem like a city full of the technology seen in the movie “Wall-E,” if this community does well, there may be more coming in the future.

One of the more controversial subjects was the exhibiting of sexual-related technology. After Lora DiCarlo’s “Ose Robotic Massager” won an Honoree Award from CES last year, it was revoked after panelsists declared the product immoral. The award was eventually returned and sex tech was allowed back on the floor this year, but with some restrictions. These included no use of anatomically correct robots or dolls at their booth and booth personnel could not use lewd language to attract someone to see the product.

Need for Data Security in a Changing World

With technology affecting our lives on many personal levels, there is a greater need for data security. Facial recognition cameras, sex tech, and health monitoring devices keep data that is most private. Our line of SecureDrive products, including our newly exhibited SecureDrive Duo, are hardware encrypted storage devices with layers of security and remote management capabilities. Secure Data cares about your data privacy and we maintain this commitment amongst the ever-changing world of consumer electronics. Learn more about our secure products and services by calling 1-800-388-1266.