YouTubers Union Joins with IG Metall to Demand Fairness

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YouTubers Union Partners with IG Metall

A dedicated group of content creators and users has decided that enough is enough on the popular video platform, YouTube. This group of activists, known as the YouTubers Union, was established over a year ago but had not gained much traction or attention about their demands. Until now. The group has joined with union IG Metall to make their demands more public.

Who are These Activists?

The YouTubers Union began as more of a grassroots effort among content creators, but as such, it gained little acknowledgement. The union website describes the group as, “a community-based movement that fights for the rights of YouTube creators and Users.” They formed as a result of what they believed to be a lack of action regarding content creators violating the platform’s rules. This included:

  • Allowing videos with hate speech to remain posted, but demonetizing them
  • Issues with advertisers boycotting after their ads were used before extremist content

IG Metall is a metalworker’s union in Germany and is the country’s largest union and Europe’s largest industrial union. They have represented companies and groups in other industries including manufacturing, printing, engineering, and information systems. The power behind this group offered strength to the small but mighty YouTubers and after the campaign, their group grew by 1,200 people.

What Do They Want?

The group has several demands that they want the video platform to meet and gave them until August 23 to do so. These demands include:

  • Offer monetization for everyone, smaller channels too
  • Disable the bots and have a real person speak to a creator if their channel will be removed
  • Transparent content decisions between the censors and creators
  • Stop demonetization altogether
  • Pay ad money according to audience retention, not on ads
  • Equal treatment for all without any preferred creators
  • Clarify the rules

The collaborative effort between the two unions is called, “FairTube.” Jörg Sprave, initiator of the YouTubers Union, said that the demands are not unrealistic and that the people simply want equality, transparency, and personal communication. They also want content creators to be a part of some type of formal advisory board to aid in the company’s decision-making.

Consequences of Ignoring the Campaign

The deadline for YouTube to respond is less than a month away and the union is prepared if they receive no response. One course of action is to utilize IG Metall lawyers to examine the platform’s legal situation and force transparency under the European Union’s GDPR Laws.

The other consequence is to reach out beyond the union members to the majority of other content creators on YouTube to come together in demand of a call to action. Overall, the group is not afraid to make this campaign larger and draw more attention to the subject at hand.

Issues with Privacy and Equality

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