Allan Buxton

Allan Buxton

Senior Data Recovery & Digital Forensics Expert

Allan Buxton is the Senior Data Recovery & Digital Forensics Expert for Secure Data Recovery Services. He has worked in the digital forensics and data recovery industries for more than two decades, establishing himself as a preeminent subject expert. In that time, he has completed over 500 forensic examinations for criminal and civil cases. He is proficient across numerous analysis applications and understands how to recover data from damaged or malfunctioning devices.


  • Digital Forensics
  • Storage Technology
  • Operating Systems
  • Data Recovery



Bachelor of Arts in English, 2001


  • Forensics expert with over 20 years of experience in criminal investigations and civil litigation.
  • Completed over 500 forensic examinations in his career and testified by affidavit, declaration, deposition, report, hearing, and trial.
  • Specialized in digital evidence preservation, possessing a strong understanding of advanced processes and techniques.
  • Instructed domestic and international audiences on best practices, as well as authoring several digital forensics courses and revising others.
  • Recovered data from various storage devices, including mobile devices, RAIDs, and storage-area networks.
  • Developed expertise with multiple operating systems, like Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, and Linux distributions.


In addition to his role with Secure Data Recovery, Allan is the senior forensic consultant for Epiq, a leading eDiscovery service provider.

Among other positions, Allan served as Cellebrite’s manager of contract trainers for the Americas, where he supervised instruction and development  Before transitioning to the private sector, he was a computer forensic specialist for the State of Ohio’s Bureau of Criminal Identification and Investigation. In that role, he collected, recovered, and preserved deleted and encrypted data for the Cyber Crimes Unit.

Allan owns a wealth of experience and expertise. He leverages his knowledge of data recovery and forensic applications, such as X-Ways, Encase Forensics, Forensic Toolkit, Magnet AXIOM, Cellebrite Inspector, Cellebrite Physical Analyzer, and ARSData SMART, to provide exceptional analysis. As a result, he has testified in hundreds of criminal and civil cases in state and federal courts.  

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