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RFID-NFC Blocking Credit and Debit Card Protection - Customizable
  • In-Lab Tested & Audited: NTS Certificate #: PR053811-ACT1005612
  • Any credit cards within its 10mm e-field are made invisible to a reader
  • Fits in any wallet or money clip
  • Will last 3-6 years
  • Doesn’t require batteries or charging
  • Simply carry this card in your wallet or money clip and all cards within range of its electric field will be protected
  • Customizable appearance

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I have covered several drives here in the past and to be fair some of these are quite the kit with James Bond ringing about them and this one is no different but it has a trick up its sleeve compared to others when it comes to the tech aspect.
Jim O Brien


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In short this is a super affordable item to have at your disposal and you should have to protect yourself in these challenging times
Jim O Brien

Simple Solution to Crowd Hacking

SecureCard® provides the best protection of your credit, debit, and other RFID-enabled smart cards from crowd hacking, the wireless theft of your credit and debit cards and personal information.

RFID-Blocking Technology

SecureCard has been independently tested and passed all manners of RFID-blocking and signal-protection tests. SecureCard works in your wallet, credit card holder, card case, or sleeve by blocking RFID readers from scanning your personal and banking information without your knowledge. Your information will be secure anywhere you go.

Hackers use a scanning device that detects the radio frequency of your cards’ identification chips, enabling them to capture card numbers and other vital details.

By transmitting white noise to those scanning devices and blocking RFID access to your wallet, SecureCard makes your cards invisible to hackers.

It works for credit cards, debit cards, driver’s licenses, transit cards, identification cards, and more.


It’s hard to find a better solution to protect your personal and banking information from crowd hacking and data skimming, particularly one that conveniently lets you use your favorite wallet or purse while protecting up to six cards at once. There is no need to switch to a bulky wallet or a rigid, metal RFID-blocking case. The water-resistant SecureCard card is durable and won’t tear or puncture. If the card remains in good condition after five years, the microchip will continue to work.


SecureCard is designed to be used in a wallet and cannot provide protection for cards outside of its protection range. No form of RFID protection is 100% effective in all situations so the protection offered by SecureCard is limited in certain circumstances. We recommend two SecureCards per wallet, and in some cases your wallet may require different positioning of your RFID-enabled credit and/or debit cards to provide maximum protection.

SecureCard is intended to be placed between the RFID reader and your smart card as a wall. In this position, SecureCard helps to stop unauthorized attempts to steal your personal information. An unauthorized attempt is made by a party unknown to you and without your permission, thus constituting a crime. Other attempts to steal your information, such as skimmers placed in card readers or online hacking, do not fall under the protection provided by SecureCard.

Convenient Protection in Your Purse or Wallet

SecureCard measures 3.4 by 2.1 inches, which is the same as a standard credit card. It’s also made of the same plastic material as a credit card and weighs 0.3 ounces. There is no need to buy a larger wallet or other accessories. SecureCard is made to last three years or longer and is resistant to water, tears, and punctures, providing a great level of durability in a wallet or purse. The long-term protection gives you peace of mind while traveling, as thieves tend to target tourists who carry RFID-enabled credit cards.

How Does it Work?

A microchip inside SecureCard detects RFID scanners and emits white noise to mask your credit, debit, and other smart cards containing RFID chips. The device also has a radio frequency-blocking component to provide further protection against hackers. SecureCard needs neither batteries nor charging—just place it in the outermost area of your wallet or purse behind your cards and let the microchip do the rest. SecureCard lasts 3–6 years and fits in any wallet, money clip, or phone case designed to hold credit/debit cards.


Product Overview

Below we have compiled most useful frequently asked questions about this product.

Do I take SecureCard out of the plastic wrapper?

Yes. The plastic wrapper is to help avoid scratches during shipping and should be removed before placing it in your wallet.

Has SecureCard been tested by an independent laboratory?

Yes. SecureCard was tested by Qualtest, Inc., now part of N.T.S., in their Electromagnetic Interference Chamber. Testing proved that SecureCard effectively protects credit and debit card information from unsolicited attempts to capture your information.

Complete test results are available and can be provided upon request.

Do I need only one SecureCard for my entire wallet?

SecureCard was designed to be practical and easy to use, and to provide protection for a standard men’s bifold wallet and all cards contained within it. We suggest placing two devices in a standard women’s wallet as they are usually longer than a men’s wallet.

How long does a SecureCard last?

SecureCard lasts three years with normal wear and tear. The microchip contained within SecureCard is rated at 100,000 protection cycles, which is the equivalent of a hacker attempting to steal your information 10 times per day for 25 years.

What is an RFID?

An RFID tag is comprised of an integrated circuit (called an IC or chip) attached to an antenna that has been printed, etched, stamped, or vapor-deposited onto a mount which is paper substrate.

RFID tags are essentially made of a chip, an antenna, and a support/encasement.

The integrated chip (or IC) can contain several kinds of memory and it takes care of all the tag’s activities such as modulating and demodulating the signal and other specialized operations. The antenna allows signal transmission.

How thick is this card compared to a regular credit card?

SecureCard has about the same dimensions as a regular credit card.

Are these cards flexible?

Yes, they are flexible and made of credit card-type plastic.

I have a credit card holder in my phone case. Does this card affect signal strength or reception of my phone?

No. SecureCard won’t affect the phone signal in any way.

Does this protect multiple cards in my wallet?

Yes, it can potentially protect your entire wallet. If you place SecureCard behind any debit or credit card it will protect them within its 10 millimeter range. Larger wallets or billfolds may require an additional SecureCard.

Will SecureCard work after going through an airport or courthouse scanner?

Yes. SecureCard is not affected by scanners or x-rays used in airports and courthouses.

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