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RFID-NFC Blocking Credit and Debit Card Protection
  • In-Lab Tested & Audited: NTS Certificate #: PR053811-ACT1005612
  • Any credit cards within its 10mm e-field are made invisible to a reader
  • Fits in any wallet or money clip
  • Will last 3-6 years
  • Doesn’t require batteries or charging
  • Simply carry this card in your wallet or money clip and all cards within range of its electric field will be protected
  • Customizable appearance

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Protect Your Payment Cards with SecureCard® RFID Blocking Technology

If you’re worried about the safety of your credit and debit cards, you’re fully justified in doing so, according to a study by FICO, the number of cards affected by card skimming, or crowd hacking, year-over-year was up 77% at the end of 2023. The key reason for this surge is likely the rise of powerful long-range RFID readers, which sometimes work from as far as a staggering 30 meters away.

At SecureData, we want to safeguard our customers from unauthorized card scanning. To achieve this, we developed SecureCard®, the ultimate solution for protecting your payment cards from crowd hacking. 

SecureCard® works for any card that uses RFID or NFC technology, including:

  • Credit and debit cards
  • Drivers licenses
  • Transport cards
  • Identification cards
  • Loyalty cards

Our cutting-edge RFID/NFC blocking card protector has been through rigorous in-lab testing and auditing and boasts the NTS Certificate PR053811-ACT1005612. With the SecureCard®, all your contactless cards within its 10mm electric field are effectively invisible to potential card readers, allowing you to rest assured that your card data won’t be stolen by hackers.

SecureCard® fits seamlessly into any wallet or money clip, making it a convenient protective tool for everyday use. It has a lifespan of 3-6 years and doesn’t require any external power source such as batteries or charging. Simply carry this card in your wallet, and all cards within a 10mm range will be safeguarded from unauthorized access.

Reliable Card Protection

SecureCard® offers a simple, effective way to protect your credit and debit cards from RFID and NFC skimming. This state-of-the-art card protector is designed to block signals and prevent unauthorized access to your sensitive payment information. Whether you're commuting, shopping, or traveling, SecureCard® ensures that your funds are always solely in your control. 

This advanced technology creates a secure shield around your cards, making it impossible for scanners to skim your card details while within its range. This makes SecureCard® an essential accessory for anyone looking to shore up their payment card security.

Shore Up Your Security with Zero Set-Up Time

Using SecureCard® is as easy as it gets. Simply place the SecureCard® in your wallet or money clip along with your credit and debit cards. Any card within a 10mm radius of SecureCard®’s electric field is instantly shielded from malicious long-range RFID/NFC scanners, ensuring that your cards are fully safeguarded from electronic theft.

Try SecureCard® Today

SecureCard® is the most effective, affordable, and convenient way to protect your payment cards from potential threats. Take advantage of our cutting-edge RFID/NFC blocking technology, and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with being fully protected from long-range card skimming.

Invest in SecureCard® today and secure your financial information—with absolutely no compromise to style or convenience!

Simple Solution to Crowd Hacking

SecureCard® offers the best protection for your credit, debit, and other RFID-enabled smart cards from long-range wireless theft (crowd-hacking), all without having to compromise on style or convenience. Indeed, our protective card’s electrical field lasts from 3 to 6 years without requiring any batteries or charging. Simply carry it along with your payment cards, and you’re good to go!

RFID-Blocking Technology

SecureCard® has been meticulously developed and tested, and has passed every major RFID-blocking and signal-protection test. Once you place your SecureCard® into your wallet, card holder, sleeve, or money clip, it works by blocking RFID/NFC readers from scanning your electronic payment information without your knowledge.

Hackers typically use a scanning device that detects the radio frequency of your payment cards' identification chips, which allows them to capture card numbers and other sensitive information. By transmitting white noise to those scanning devices and blocking RFID access to your wallet, SecureCard® protects your cards by making them invisible to hackers.

SecureCard® works for any card that uses RFID or NFC technology, including:

  • Credit and debit cards
  • Drivers licenses
  • Transport cards
  • Identification cards
  • Loyalty cards


SecureCard® is a premier solution to protect your personal and banking information from crowd hacking and data skimming. It offers the following unrivaled advantages:

  • Protects up to six cards at once
  • Works with any wallet, purse, card holder, or money clip
  • Doesn’t require any bulky wallet or rigid metal case
  • It’s durable, water-resistant, and won’t tear or puncture
  • Lasts 3-6 years and doesn’t require any external power


SecureCard® is designed to be used in a wallet and cannot provide protection for cards outside of its protection range. No form of RFID protection is 100% effective in all situations so the protection offered by SecureCard® is limited in certain circumstances. We recommend two SecureCards per wallet, and in some cases, your wallet may require different positioning of your RFID-enabled credit and/or debit cards to provide maximum protection.

SecureCard® is intended to be placed between the RFID reader and your smart card as a wall. In this position, SecureCard® helps to stop unauthorized attempts to steal your personal information. An unauthorized attempt is made by a party unknown to you and without your permission, thus constituting a crime. Other attempts to steal your information, such as skimmers placed in card readers or online hacking, do not fall under the protection provided by SecureCard®.

Convenient Protection in Your Purse or Wallet

SecureCard® measures 3.4 by 2.1 inches, which is the same as a standard credit card. It’s also made of the same plastic material as a credit card and weighs 0.3 ounces. There is no need to buy a larger wallet or other accessories. SecureCard® is made to last three years or longer and is resistant to water, tears, and punctures, providing a great level of durability in a wallet or purse. The long-term protection gives you peace of mind while traveling, as thieves tend to target tourists who carry RFID-enabled credit cards.

How Does it Work?

A microchip inside SecureCard® detects RFID scanners and emits white noise to mask your credit, debit, and other smart cards containing RFID chips. The device also has a radio frequency-blocking component to provide further protection against hackers. SecureCard® needs neither batteries nor charging—just place it in the outermost area of your wallet or purse behind your cards and let the microchip do the rest. SecureCard® lasts 3–6 years and fits in any wallet, money clip, or phone case designed to hold credit/debit cards.

Product Overview

Standard License - Intended for small businesses and/or individuals.

  • One installation of the product.
  • Use for servicing an internal domain of up to 50 computers.

To have more than one installation or service a larger domain, an appropriate number of additional licenses must be purchased.

Standard license limitations:

  • The product may not be used while rendering services to third parties.

Business License - Intended for small or medium businesses.

  • Three installations of the product.
  • Use for servicing an internal domain of up to 150 computers.

To have more than three installations or service a larger domain, an appropriate number of additional licenses must be purchased.

I have covered several drives here in the past and to be fair some of these are quite the kit with James Bond ringing about them and this one is no different but it has a trick up its sleeve compared to others when it comes to the tech aspect.
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In short this is a super affordable item to have at your disposal and you should have to protect yourself in these challenging times
Jim O Brien

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NTS Certificate PR053811-ACT1005612

NTS Certificate PR053811-ACT1005612

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