Top Sites to find Remote IT Work During the COVID-19 Pandemic

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Remote IT and Technology Jobs

The COVID-19 pandemic has left many people without work due to the shutdown of restaurants, limiting personnel in public work buildings, and businesses temporarily laying people off after a loss in revenue. During this time, only businesses that are deemed “essential” by federal and state governments can continue to operate. This means that many workers are completing their daily tasks … Read More

Surges in Internet Use Due to COVID-19 Cause Concerns

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Internet Bandwidth COVID-19

With many businesses and public places temporarily closed due to COVID-19, people turn to their home internet connection for the latest news and sources of entertainment. However, this increase in internet usage may put a strain on bandwidth capabilities around the globe. While experts and IT professionals claim that the internet was designed for these high traffic levels, big name … Read More

Solutions to Coronavirus Problems Continue to Flourish

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Solutions to Coronavirus Problems

While the Coronavirus, or COVID-19 continues to spread, more countries and states are taking precautions to keep people healthy and safe in these troubled times. As more restrictions are put in place, it can be difficult for people to adapt to the changes and maintain positive thinking. But there are several organizations and hospitals working on ways to combat the … Read More

How New Technology-Based Solutions are Fighting Against Coronavirus

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Technology Based Coronavirus Solutions

New Coronavirus cases are being reported every day and as more public places are closed down, it seems there isn’t any positive news on the horizon. However, people worldwide are working together to find a way to battle the virus and ultimately prevent it from spreading. Researchers, students, and even the average quarantined person are offering their assistance in budding … Read More

US Urges UK to Avoid Relations with Chinese Company, Huawei

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US and UK Debate Huawei Telecommunications

The US government uses the term “global espionage” to describe technology conglomerate Huawei, giving some indication of strained relations between the US and the Chinese corporation. Currently, the US is warning the UK not to use Huawei for telecommunications on the premise that the company poses a national cybersecurity risk based on its ability to provide China’s Communist Party with … Read More