New Malware Strain Found in SolarWinds Hack

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Cybersecurity analysts continue to assess the potential damage of a massive attack on SolarWinds’ Orion software platform. The attack, first reported in December last year, injected malware into certain version updates of a popular software platform used by thousands of organizations, including top U.S. government agencies. Previous analysis of the supply chain attack, considered to have links to the Russian … Read More

Google Finds New Windows, Android Exploits

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Google’s Project Zero team this week published the results of an investigation into attacks that targeted Android and Windows devices in the early months of 2020. The team posted its results in a six-part blog post. The team said the attack was conducted by “a highly sophisticated actor.” The Project Zero team described two exploit servers–one targeting Windows users, and … Read More

U.S. Says Russia ‘Likely’ Behind SolarWinds Hack

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Security analysts have long agreed that the SolarWinds hack first reported last month was the work of Russian operatives. Now it seems key U.S. officials agree. A recent statement issued on behalf of four U.S. agencies asserted that the attack was likely Russian in origin and remains ongoing. The statement was issued in the name of the FBI, the Cybersecurity … Read More

Cybercriminals target COVID-19 Vaccine Supply Chain

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It’s been a tough year for cybersecurity in the health sector. Healthcare providers both big and small have been hit by ransomware attacks in 2020. As the United States and the United Kingdom ramp up distribution of COVID-19 vaccinations, some fear the new year will bring renewed cyberattacks that target vaccine supply chains. A new report by the BBC notes … Read More

GoDaddy Phishes Staff with Holiday Bonus Email

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Some might say it was a case of poor timing. Others might call it a lesson in tough love despite the seeming cruelty. But one thing is clear. The near-ubiquitous warnings about the dangers of email “phishing” scams don’t always sink in. Such was the case this month when the Arizona-based internet domain company GoDaddy reached out to their employees … Read More