How to be Cyber Secure at Work

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Business Customer Personnel Data Secure Work

For every security measure put in place at your workplace, there is someone out there trying to figure out how to break in. According to the Identity Theft Resource Center (ITRC), in 2018, the U.S. business sector had 571 data breaches exposing over 415 million records. “Hackers” or “cybercriminals” aren’t a new phenomenon, but the increasing number of data records … Read More

Verizon Launches 5G Expansion for School Learning Initiative

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Verizon Launches 5G Learning Initiative

At New York City’s Global Citizen Festival last week, communications giant, Verizon, announced a new 5G Expansion initiative for public schools as part of its Innovative Learning Initiative. While this looming next leap in mobile tech is still not quite ready for prime time, Verizon believes that schools, especially underfunded schools, should be a priority. Connected education This initiative, which … Read More

Survival of Witness Protection Program in the Digital Age

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Witness Protection Program Affected by Technology

In 2019, entering the witness protection program is more than simply changing your name and moving to a new place. It requires a disconnect from the online world so people don’t accidentally expose their true identity. Unfortunately, with the growth of social media, ad tracking, and use of biometric authentication, there may be nowhere left to hide. Basics of the … Read More

Telecom Company Opens 5G Smart Factory in Texas

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Ericsson Creates 5G Smart Factory in Texas

The telecom megalith, Ericsson, recently announced that it plans to open the world’s first fully automated smart factory in Lewisville, TX. The factory will be outfitted with 5G to build Advanced Antenna System radios that boost network coverage over its 300,000 square foot facility. The factory, one of the first major 5G initiatives in North America, will employ 100 people. … Read More

Apple Mac Pro Desktops to be Made in Texas to Avoid Tariffs

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Apple Production Moved to Texas to Avoid Chinese Tariffs

Apple has moved the manufacturing of its Mac Pro Desktop computers to Austin, Texas to avoid trade tariffs with China. While the tariffs implemented by President Trump’s administration contributed to the decision to move production, Apple CEO Tim Cook explained that it is part of an investment plan for the United States. U.S. Battle with International Tariffs BBC News explained … Read More