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Remote Management

Subscription-based SaaS Central Management for Encrypted Drives
  • Manage secure drives from any browser, software free
  • Assign Users and set User privileges
  • Full SSO support to access Managed App and Remote Console
  • Remote wipe, remote unlock, and change PIN
  • Unlimited users and Admins
  • Set Multiple Geo-Fences to specific locations
  • Time Fence Users to specific times
  • Assign drive Aliases to quickly search
  • Bio-Metrics, remember password, or Apple Watch to unlock
  • Allow Keypad to use for air-gapped environments *Duo Only
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I have covered several drives here in the past and to be fair some of these are quite the kit with James Bond ringing about them and this one is no different but it has a trick up its sleeve compared to others when it comes to the tech aspect.
Jim O Brien


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Completely Software-Free

SecureData Lock® Remote Management can be added to any SecureData DUO or BT drive at any time after purchase. The Remote Management console allows Admin to take full control of where and when the drive can be unlocked, as well as the ability to remotely wipe the data and disable access even if the user has a drive PIN.

NO MORE DATA LEAKS due to misplaced portable drives. Contact us for a demo.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Unique dual factor authentication method via user account and drive PIN/password combination. Each user must have their own username and password in order for the server to first validate them. Once validated, the user must then also use the PIN on the device in order for it to unlock.

Note: your drive remains locked and invisible to the computer until it is unlocked.

Geo-Fencing—Allows Restricting Geolocations

The Admin for the account can limit access for the user by any of the following: continent, country, state, city, zip code, or address. Once the location is set the geo-fencing is completed by selecting the radius in kilometers/miles, which marks the maximum distance from the location the user can be in order to access the drive.

Time-Fencing—Allows Restricting Which Hours Used

The Admin for the account can limit access for the user by setting time limitations with specific start and end times within any time zone.

Super Admin Mode

This mode allows a trusted administrator greater privileges over lower ranking administrators. The Super Admin has the ability to add or remove Remote Management administrators. This helps organizations maintain a chain-of-command hierarchy by providing a single administrator more control over who has Remote Management access.

User Logging and Reporting

Each login is monitored and saved to show if the attempt was a success as well as the exact coordinates of the user.

  • Remote Management (RM) enforces the following IT security policies:
  • Where and when drives allowed to be used
  • Wipe drives or disable access
  • Remotely unlock/force password reset
  • Track and manage multiple drives on one account
  • Remote access to drives via cloud-based console
  • Admin can view Access Log to see when a drive was successfully used
  • Geo-fencing to restrict drive use within geographic parameters set by Admin
  • Time-fencing to restrict drive use within start and stop times set by Admin
  • Remote wiping
  • Free SecureData Lock® mobile app to activate drives
  • Software-free

Remote Management

Product Overview

Can I add Remote Management to a BT drive later?

Yes. A BT or DUO drive can be added to the SecureData Lock® Remote Management console at any time. If you are using the standard SecureData Lock® app to unlock your device you will need to re-provision the drive via the Admin app.

I am an individual user. Is this product for organizations only?

There are no minimum user or device requirements. The subscription can be purchased starting at one drive or user.

How fast can I delete the data remotely?

Once Admin enters the data sanitize command, the next time an attempt to authenticate the device happens the crypto erase command will regenerate the encryption key within seconds.

How many users or drives can it support?

SecureData Lock® Remote Management can support an unlimited number of drives, users, and admins.

Does anyone view the data on the drive?

No. Since ONLY the communication is handled via Bluetooth, the USB traffic is not monitored or saved.

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