US Urges UK to Avoid Relations with Chinese Company, Huawei

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US and UK Debate Huawei Telecommunications

The US government uses the term “global espionage” to describe technology conglomerate Huawei, giving some indication of strained relations between the US and the Chinese corporation. Currently, the US is warning the UK not to use Huawei for telecommunications on the premise that the company poses a national cybersecurity risk based on its ability to provide China’s Communist Party with … Read More

Voting Security in the 2020 Elections

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Voting Cybersecurity 2020 Elections

The 2020 elections bring many uncertainties. The outcome of the elections is a big question mark, but another major source of concern is security. In 2020, experts predict that up to 16 million Americans will choose to cast their votes using a paperless system. However, sources also note that electronic voting systems in the United States are quite old. So … Read More

Growing Nationwide Data Privacy Concerns

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Americans Have Concerns Over Data Privacy

Our data is constantly up for grabs. While we strive to be security- and privacy-minded consumers and users, the way we shop, the things we view online, sometimes even where we travel is a data point that is a little piece of who we are. Each piece of this kind of information paints a picture of us; our habits, our … Read More

The Battle Against Cyberthreats: 2020 Cybersecurity State Coordinator Act

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Cybersecurity State Coordinator Act 2020

The shadow of cyberthreats grows ever-larger in this new year as hackers and other malevolent actors continue to bombard individuals, businesses, and even local governments with attacks that result in grievous costs. Even with the efforts made by both IT groups and anti-virus security firms, it seems there’s no way to truly stop those that wish to exploit others for … Read More

Websites Are Defiant with Cookie Tracking in the Wake of GDPR

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GDPR Cookie Opt-Out Websites

Now that websites in Europe are required to follow the GDPR rules to help better preserve the privacy of users, it’s been found that only a startling 11.8 percent of websites are compliant with the rules. The main concern about those not complying is that their websites are purposely making it difficult to opt-out of cookie tracking. Getting Away with … Read More