YouTube Removes Content and Channels for Using Hate Speech

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YouTube Removes Harmful Content

After changing community guidelines to ban videos that promote violence and discrimination, YouTube has removed over 100,000 videos and 17,000 channels in just the second quarter of 2019. This is five times higher than last quarter and also includes the removal of over 500 million comments. Silencing the Haters After many complaints of discrimination and violence, YouTube created rules that … Read More

iPhone Users in the EU Unable to Use British Residency App

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Britain Residency App Only Available on Android

With Brexit a mere two months away from being put into action, the European Union (EU) Nationals are trying to find an Android device to stay in Britain. A government-created app was designed for EU Nationals to apply for residency within Britain. The problem with this development is that it is only available on Android devices. Breaking Down Brexit Living … Read More

Australia Bans Internet Domains that Show Terrorist Content

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Australia Blocks Websites with Violent Content

Following the horrific Christchurch massacre in New Zealand in March, Australia and New Zealand decided to more closely monitor websites and social media. During the attack, the alleged gunman live streamed the tragic event on Facebook. This is not the first time that violent acts have been publicized over the internet. Police violence has been captured on body cameras and … Read More

Biometric Data Breach Exposes 28 Million Records

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Suprema Biometric Record Data Breach

A BioStar 2 biometric security database that belongs to global biometric and security provider, Suprema, suffered a data breach exposing 28 million records. A company called vpnMentor, who provides virtual private network reviews, found the data leak on August 5, notified Suprema two days later, and Suprema closed the leak on August 13. What Was Exposed? The BioStar 2 database … Read More

Russia Demands Google Stop Posting Protests on YouTube

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Russia Demands Google Remove YouTube Video Protests

The protesters in Moscow have been growing by the numbers and Russia has threatened to take action against Google if these demonstrations are continually broadcast on YouTube. The media watchdog in Russia known as Roskomnadzor, wrote a letter to Google just two days ago, stating that they considered push notifications and advertisements that publicize the protests as a type of … Read More