Privacy Concerns Abound Worldwide Over Contact Tracing

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Contact Tracing App Privacy Concerns

With governments worldwide beginning to slowly lift some of the COVID-19 lockdown regulations, the question remains as to how people can begin living their normal lives again. Several companies and governments have developed their own version of a contact tracing app, which uses Bluetooth connectivity to notify people when they are in close proximity with someone who tested positive for … Read More

World Health Organization and MIT Host “Hackathons” to Produce COVID-19 Solutions

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Hackathon for Digital Solution to COVID-19

The concept of “Hackathons” came about as a way to combat social issues, cybersecurity vulnerabilities, and other issues that could benefit from a digital solution. These types of solutions have found the security flaws in automated cars and mobile phones, but this recent project goes beyond consumer products. The World Health Organization (WHO) and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) … Read More

Top Sites to find Remote IT Work During the COVID-19 Pandemic

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Remote IT and Technology Jobs

The COVID-19 pandemic has left many people without work due to the shutdown of restaurants, limiting personnel in public work buildings, and businesses temporarily laying people off after a loss in revenue. During this time, only businesses that are deemed “essential” by federal and state governments can continue to operate. This means that many workers are completing their daily tasks … Read More

Solutions to Coronavirus Problems Continue to Flourish

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Solutions to Coronavirus Problems

While the Coronavirus, or COVID-19 continues to spread, more countries and states are taking precautions to keep people healthy and safe in these troubled times. As more restrictions are put in place, it can be difficult for people to adapt to the changes and maintain positive thinking. But there are several organizations and hospitals working on ways to combat the … Read More

How New Technology-Based Solutions are Fighting Against Coronavirus

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Technology Based Coronavirus Solutions

New Coronavirus cases are being reported every day and as more public places are closed down, it seems there isn’t any positive news on the horizon. However, people worldwide are working together to find a way to battle the virus and ultimately prevent it from spreading. Researchers, students, and even the average quarantined person are offering their assistance in budding … Read More