AI: Stealing Human Jobs or Creating More Positions?

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As with most emerging technology, there are two sides that cover its benefits as well as its potential downfalls. A recent report from the MIT Technology Review found that Artificial Intelligence (AI) will eliminate 1 in every 8 jobs in Asia in the next five years. The technology was created to improve efficiencies and customer satisfaction but also leaves human … Read More

Committee on Foreign Investment in U.S. Grows in Practices

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The Committee on Foreign Investment in the U.S. (CFIUS) developed from an organization that took little action to prevent any foreign investments, to a powerhouse in preventing security threats. After incidents like the Russian hacking during the 2016 presidential election and other data breaches throughout the world, data is now considered a serious threat to national security. What is CFIUS? … Read More

MIT Ceases Research Relationships with Huawei and ZTE

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The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) is following in the U.S. government’s footsteps by no longer collaborating with Huawei and ZTE Corporation. Both companies are already in hot water with the United States after accusations of theft of trade secrets and violating U.S. sanctions. These accusations along with other security issues worldwide led to MIT updating their review process for … Read More

App for Family Tracking Exposes Data of Thousands of Users

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What was created as a way for families to keep track of their loved ones has turned into a serious threat to their safety. The family tracking app, Family Locator, leaked the real-time locations of 238,000 users due to an exposed server. How Does the App Work? Family Locator was built by Australian-based software company, React Apps. The family tracker … Read More

Health Tech Company Meditab Leaks Patient’s Medical Records

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Doctor’s notes, prescriptions, and blood test results are only a few of the types of medical information that Meditab leaked. The California-based company provides software in the healthcare industry. Their goal is to help medical practices and pharmacies organize their business operations. In addition to their software, they also process electronic faxes for healthcare providers. It was this insecure service … Read More