Health Tech Company Meditab Leaks Patient’s Medical Records

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Doctor’s notes, prescriptions, and blood test results are only a few of the types of medical information that Meditab leaked. The California-based company provides software in the healthcare industry. Their goal is to help medical practices and pharmacies organize their business operations. In addition to their software, they also process electronic faxes for healthcare providers. It was this insecure service … Read More

Cloud-Based System, Box, Leaks Data of Large Companies

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Most companies use a cloud-based sharing system to make their professional lives more manageable. However, in the case of Box, it only led to more headaches over leaked data. Box is a cloud content management system that lets a group of coworkers share documents, work in apps securely, and create links to company information. Security Research Shows Public Links Something … Read More

Internet Connected Refrigerators Can Be Remote Defrosted

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Industrial Internet Connected Refrigerators Can Be Remote Defrosted The ability to remotely control a variety of devices and tools like refrigerators has a plethora of benefits. First, industrial refrigerators are used in a variety of ways from restaurants, to grocery stores, hospitals, and more. However, imagine what could happen if these devices were breached and hackers were able to control … Read More