Do QR Codes Put Your Mobile Device at Risk?

Philip BaderVulnerabilities

Quick Response codes, or simply QR codes, have been around since 1994. These printed square barcodes contain data that computers can scan and read. They were created by a Japanese subsidiary of Toyota to keep track of automobile parts during the assembly process. After the COVID-19 global pandemic hit in early 2020, QR codes have been nearly ubiquitous in bars … Read More

SecureData Makes Password Protection Easier

Philip BaderCybersecurity

Good digital hygiene requires us to change passwords regularly and avoid using the same one (or a variation of the same) for multiple accounts. In a perfect world, we would all adhere to this rule and use strong, unique passwords for every account. Sadly, this is the real world. Most of us have dozens of passwords for our social media … Read More

Malware Attack Follows Hurricane Ida Landfall

Robert LilesCybersecurity

A hurricane is a formidable force of nature. These storms can be massive, affecting multiple countries, and inflicting tens of billions of dollars in damage. Residents of Florida and the Gulf Coast know all too well how treacherous these storms can be—this ranges from the stress of either weathering or evacuating from the storm to the catastrophic loss in property … Read More

Is Agriculture the Next Big Ransomware Target?

Philip BaderCybersecurity

Food and agriculture might not immediately stand out as sectors of the economy at high risk of cyberattacks. But a private industry notification issued last week by the FBI warns that cyber criminal threat actors have increasingly targeted the nation’s food supply via attacks on small farms, agricultural corporations, manufacturers, and other affiliated organizations. Agriculture is a critical industry, and … Read More

Patient Sues Hospital Over Data Breach

Philip BaderCybersecurity

A ransomware attack earlier this year against a Massachusetts hospital has led to a class action lawsuit that seeks unspecified damages on behalf of all patients affected by the attack. It’s yet another example of unanticipated consequences related to cyberattacks and follows news of a similar lawsuit filed in Ireland after a ransomware attack on Ireland’s National Health Executive led … Read More