Microsoft Warns of Evolving LemonDuck Threat

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Cryptocurrency has become an increasingly pervasive topic in recent years, as much for the volatility of its market value as for its connection to organized cybercrime. It is the currency of choice for ransomware attackers, so much so that some countries, particularly China, have taken steps to curb or ban the use of cryptocurrency. Others, such as the European Union, … Read More

Anti-Ransomware Site Saves Victims Millions

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The online portal No More Ransom, a group dedicated to helping targets of ransomware attacks recover encrypted data without giving in to ransom demands, has helped save more than six million victims nearly €1 billion in its five years in operation. In a press release issued on July 26 to mark the fifth anniversary of the group, Europol praised the … Read More

Hackers Target WV Unemployment Service

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It is practically inevitable that at some point in life, almost everyone will need to perform a job search. For first-time jobseekers, people re-entering the workforce after an extended hiatus, those unemployed after a layoff or termination, and those attempting to enter a new industry the job search can be particularly frustrating and defeating. Whether a person needs a job, … Read More

Cryptocurrency Fuels ‘Digital Extortion Engine’

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For many, the attraction of cryptocurrency lies partly in the fact that it is anonymous and decentralized. Ownership is determined by a series of peer-to-peer public transactions recorded in the blockchain transparently but without any details of an owner’s personal identity. The lack of centralized regulation or supervision, coupled with the anonymity of crypto transactions make it a popular form … Read More

Ransomware Gangs Use VM to Hide Attacks

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A key issue in cybersecurity is keeping pace with criminal capabilities. New technological advances bring new vulnerabilities. Cybercriminals are not only inventive in the way they target computer systems—they are also highly adaptable to new security measures. The cybersecurity firm Symantec recently discovered a new tactic that is increasingly being used by ransomware attackers to evade detection while they encrypt … Read More