Exchange Server Hack Goes from Bad to Worse

Philip BaderCybersecurity

A cyberattack on Microsoft’s email and calendar software Exchange Server has become much broader than the company or security analysts originally thought. The Verge reported this week that initial estimates of 30,000 users being affected have now doubled as additional victims around the world come forward. The Department of Homeland Security has issued an emergency directive through its Cybersecurity and … Read More

HR Not Worried About Tech Safety as Businesses Reopen

Laura BednarCybersecurity

Cybersecurity Return to Office

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused more than 60% of employees to begin working from home. While the pandemic is far from over, many Americans have adopted health and safety protocols into their daily life, resulting in many businesses re-opening and employees returning to an office environment. However, the technology in the physical workplace much like our everyday interactions with other … Read More

U.S. Tries to Pass New Laws Regarding Encryption Policies

Laura BednarCybersecurity

US Tries to Pass New Encryption Laws

Encryption continues to be a popular topic in the tech world but has expanded into mainstream news as the federal government attempts to pass laws against it. Two new pieces of legislation may alter how companies and individuals protect their data in terms of encryption access by government officials. These new decryption laws range from decrypting data on demand to … Read More

Garmin Leaves Users Without Service After Ransomware Attack

Laura BednarCybersecurity

Garmin Ransomware Attack

Consumers who use Garmin products and services for GPS, fitness tracking, and aviation have been without service since Wednesday of last week. A full recovery has still not been made, but the culprit behind the outage is thought to be a type of ransomware. On Garmin’s website, it states at the top of the page that, “We are currently experiencing … Read More

Data Security Concerns Abound from the Federal to Local Level

Laura BednarCybersecurity

Data Security Concerns Local and Federal Level

While data security has been an issue since the early days of the Internet of Things devices, it has only been aggravated by the recent pandemic and federal decisions regarding data privacy. Schools are at a higher risk for data security incidents during the pandemic, IT professionals worry about the security of their corporation’s data more than their one home, … Read More