Malware Attack Follows Hurricane Ida Landfall

Robert LilesCybersecurity

A hurricane is a formidable force of nature. These storms can be massive, affecting multiple countries, and inflicting tens of billions of dollars in damage. Residents of Florida and the Gulf Coast know all too well how treacherous these storms can be—this ranges from the stress of either weathering or evacuating from the storm to the catastrophic loss in property … Read More

Microsoft Warns of Evolving LemonDuck Threat

Philip BaderCybersecurity

Cryptocurrency has become an increasingly pervasive topic in recent years, as much for the volatility of its market value as for its connection to organized cybercrime. It is the currency of choice for ransomware attackers, so much so that some countries, particularly China, have taken steps to curb or ban the use of cryptocurrency. Others, such as the European Union, … Read More

Ransomware Expected to Rise as Schools Resume Classes

Laura BednarVulnerabilities

School Malware

With school back in session, many institutions are implementing a hybrid learning environment where students can learn in-person in the classroom as well as from a computer remotely. Unfortunately, this new method of education puts schools at higher risk for ransomware attacks according to cybersecurity experts. A multitude of factors put schools at an increased risk including a lack of … Read More

New Linux Malware Threatens Security Nationwide

Laura BednarCybersecurity

Malware Attacks Linux Systems

A new form of malware from Russian hackers has affected Linux users throughout the United States. This is not the first time there has been a cyberattack from a nation-state, but this malware is more dangerous as it generally goes undetected. Linux is used not only in individual devices but in supercomputers and other Internet of Things devices both in … Read More

Threats of Cybercrime Affect Consumers on Large Scale

Laura BednarCybersecurity

Cybercrime Effects on Consumers

Ransomware, malware and fraud, three terms that no tech user wants to hear, especially when recent attacks have serious long-term consequences. For the first time in four years, a type of ransomware is specifically targeting Apple Mac computers and both infects a system and steals financial information from the device. A malware known as FakeSpy has been active for at … Read More