Paying Ransomware Demands Rarely Pays Off

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Cybersecurity experts and law enforcement agencies have consistently warned against paying ransomware attackers to restore access to encrypted files. In its guidelines on ransomware, the FBI discourages paying a ransom primarily for two reasons: payment doesn’t guarantee that you’ll get your data back, and it encourages more attacks by offering greater incentives for criminal behavior. Recent data shows there’s a … Read More

Ransomware Attack Hits DMV Contractor

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Third-party contractors have often proven to be the weak link in an organization’s cybersecurity planning. If your business partners don’t take data security seriously, your own measures will ultimately be less effective. A recent report by IT services provider Datto found that among 1,400 managed service providers (MSPs) surveyed, 85% said ransomware was the most common threat facing small and … Read More

MultiCare Data Breach Exposes Patient Records

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MultiCare Health System in Washington state disclosed this week that a ransomware attack in December last year led to the release of personal information for more than 210,000 of its patients, healthcare providers, and staff. The attack targeted a third-party software vendor for health management company Woodcreek Provider Services, which supports several MultiCare health centers. The attackers infiltrated MultiCare data … Read More

Garmin Leaves Users Without Service After Ransomware Attack

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Garmin Ransomware Attack

Consumers who use Garmin products and services for GPS, fitness tracking, and aviation have been without service since Wednesday of last week. A full recovery has still not been made, but the culprit behind the outage is thought to be a type of ransomware. On Garmin’s website, it states at the top of the page that, “We are currently experiencing … Read More

Threats of Cybercrime Affect Consumers on Large Scale

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Cybercrime Effects on Consumers

Ransomware, malware and fraud, three terms that no tech user wants to hear, especially when recent attacks have serious long-term consequences. For the first time in four years, a type of ransomware is specifically targeting Apple Mac computers and both infects a system and steals financial information from the device. A malware known as FakeSpy has been active for at … Read More