Western Reserve Hospital

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Western Reserve Hospital
“I’ve had zero complaints from my users, which are doctors, hospital staff, and my IT team. No additional IT support is necessary after the initial set up,” - Vince Allan

Western Reserve Hospital serves as one of Northeast Ohio’s most advanced community hospitals, dedicated not only to exceptional patient care and excellence in healthcare services, but also to education, community outreach and the overall wellness of Cuyahoga Falls and the surrounding areas. The outstanding staff at Western Reserve comprises more than 890 employees, which include more than 400 physicians and 220 nurses dedicated to 100 percent patient satisfaction. Western Reserve Hospital offers a full range of health care options and services, reinforced by the shared commitment to patient satisfaction and improved healthcare delivery. Owned and operated by physicians in the community, the hospital’s mission is to deliver 100 percent patient-centered care. Coupled with the vision of improving the delivery of the safest, highest quality health care available, Western Reserve is fully committed to patient satisfaction.

The problem

Western Reserve Hospital needed a way to tighten security during their daily business operations. “To help ensure compliance, we had to enhance our security to make sure that any portable data was encrypted and could be remotely wiped if the device is ever lost or stolen,” said Manager of IT&S Operations Vince Allen.


Doctors and hospital managers often have to share information or give presentations. Sometimes, multiple employees need to access the same drive. Western Reserve Hospital needed a more customizable solution to meet their data security needs. Western Reserve Hospital bought a combination of our FIPS 140-2 Level 3 validated external portable drives and flash drives: the KP and BT lines of our SecureDrive and SecureUSB models. They also added an extra layer of security by adding Remote Management licenses, which give IT administrators full control over where, when, and how BT drives can be accessed, as well as to remotely wipe drive contents in case of the loss or theft of a drive.

the results

Mr. Allen rated our drives a “10 out of 10” and cited their ease of use as well as their superior security features. “I’ve had zero complaints from my users, which are doctors, hospital staff, and my IT team. No additional IT support is necessary after the initial set up,” he stated. Physicians, administrators, and support staff at Western Reserve Hospital rely on SecureDrive and SecureUSB devices to keep their patients’ sensitive health data protected at the hospital, in transit, or wherever it might need to be accessed.

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